Long before Photoshop and computer editing became available at affordable cost I was already using photos of real props I'd have a hard time drawing. I took this picture of a car from an ad those days, photocopied it, and voilĂ ! Actually the method of using photocopied stuff in the strip was inspired by Berke Breathed in Bloom County.


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This was the last of the series of the centennial celebration. I was planning to follow it up with the assassination of Gen. Antonio Luna and the death of Gen. Gregorio Del Pilar some two years after this but things didn't push through as planned for some reason.


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This actually came out in the May, 1997 issue of the magazine during the centennial celebration of Andres Bonifacio's murder in after a kangaroo court convicted him of treason assassination. Despite a lot of media coverage going at the time reminding people of the significance of the 3 year Centennial celebration I don't a lot of them cared at all. Weird and sad if you think about it now.


Part two of the strip below. I should continue with these plot lines.


Michelle's an old friend of hers from way back, she's also level headed compared to her friend. She appeared in a couple more strips after this and I've yet to bring her back.


Part of the strip below. 'Nuff said.


This one's one of my favorites because this was the start of my experimentation with depths (via foreground and background). This was also the start of me establishing the details and stuff.


Nobody can make the same mistake nowadays which robs the present in more ways than we can laugh at.

Uh... I don't know what that means either.


Tah-daaaaaa!!! Comedy gold.


Things were different back then, he tries that sorta thing with Anne these days and, BAM!!! he gets it right in the kisser.


Miss those high school activities nowadays.


MJ overstayed his welcome. Haha! Anyway, as you can see the words on the shirt the idea for Fil-Ams living in the country was birthed around this time with the strip centering around local professional baskteball player, Jeffrey Cariaso's friends. It was put on hold since I didn't have any venue for the comic strip and besides I was still toying with the idea. It was revived half a decade later with my stint in Philippine News. Although the premise was the same this time the characters were different.


This was an easy idea, I loved the old local Christmas album that featured various singers famous during the 70s and early 80s (something similar to the "A Very Special Christmas" album). I know a lot of young people probably don't have any idea who they were but they'll still be familiar with the songs from that record. They should be because about a third of the songs in there was remade by some of today's talents. The same music company later came out with another album similar to the first one but it didn't make the cut as its predecessor.