This one's a classic! This is also one of my top favorites.


This one was fun to make but I don't think the punchline made as big an impact as I wanted it to.


Art-wise I wasn't happy with this one. I usually submit strips months in advance, enjoying the privilege of doing so because the mag published two strips at a time, like say out of the eight strips in a batch I'd submit I would be enjoying the next four months slacking off. This one came after a time when drawing strips turned out to be more of a chore than anything else that's why they look weird in this one. In any case, thanks for enjoying the stuff!


This is a good example of creating a high impact punchline with as sparse dialogue as possible. This was one of the fastest I've ever done.


It was true. They did look like a rap group at the time. Eventually these guys moved back to the California after a couple years of living here and trying out for the local professional basketball leagues. The guy in the white shirt, Jay Magat, stayed behind for a while when he landed a gig in the shortlived MBA. I think he followed his friends back home after a while.


This was from the time when we sued to hang out the next door basketball gym where professional basketball players would practice. In the course of watching the practice and hanging out with them we not only got to know them but also their friends and family. One group in particular stood out from the rest, being Fil-Am and all they would almost immediately command attention especially since they were also big guys. This were the friends and boardmates of Jeffrey Cariaso. I got to know these guys courtesy of my brother who was one of Jeff's close friends.


This joke is so dated (according to the Del Pilar biopic came out 1997) I don't know if anyone would be able to get this. The centennial celebration of the Philippine Revolution was so high at the time I was more than inspired to come out with the book about their illustrious ancestor, Don Crisanto Ibarra.


We haven't been back to San Francisco for seven years when this came out so it was all based on my imagination again. I'm not sure if ever gets that cold enough to freeze bird poop in mid-air but you can imagine how dangerous that could be if ever that happens. It was also around this time I saw Jorge's older brother, Joseph, on TV doing a round of discussions with the press (he held a small government position during former Pres. Fidel Ramos' time). I haven't met him before in high school, so it was quite a treat to be able to draw the both of them together here in one strip.


I haven't been to Baguio for years when I did this and Camp John Hay was then developed as a resort of sorts when this came out. I just imagined what it would have been like to stay up there for the summer. I imagine it would be heaven since the summer capital of the Philippines wasn't crowded back then as it is right now.


'Nuff said.


This one was tampered with and edited when it came out in the magazine. Someone from the publisher's office erased some of the lines in the third panel and completely changed the punchline without informing me. That was really weird.


Part of the shameless promotion I did for the Philippine Revolution project. I'm still tweaking bits and parts of the story.


I remember this one from summer of 1996. The centennial celebration of Philippine Independence was coming up and this was one way of promoting an upcoming project touching on the subject of the Philippine Revolution.


This was borne out of a conversation between my my two friends from college who are big gaming geeks. It wasn't the exact conversation but something them talking about the latest games in the market with the holy week looming in the horizon inspired me to do this one.


This is one of those attempts in showing full figures inside the panels. Obviously I'm getting more confident with my drawing skills by this time.


Who knows what really happens behind closed doors in those faculty rooms? Hehehe...


It's been a long time since my high school, I'm not sure if this is the same scenario with those around here today.


Those folks who are born on a leap year are special. They age slower than those born on normal days.


This was a spontaneous joke and I thought who better to crack it than Wilfred. Right?


I'll be changing the last panel when the book comes out.


This was my first and still the only Chinese New Year strip. I plan to do some more but nothing tops this so far. By the way, I saw this same joke recently in another local strip. Ha! I did it first!


This was really fun to do as I had to come up with various brands and places that were considered cool at the time. That way you'll know how new or old a strip is.


Unlike the previous strip which didn't make sense at all other than to incorporate a holiday greeting in the script, this makes more sense and I'll probably start the story in the book with this one.


This was part of a short series I did as a birthday gift to my friend from high school, Jorge.