Notice the brand of the yellow pad paper. I dunno if they're still in the business of making them. By the way, I saw this same joke was done by another strip in a local daily a couple of years ago.


Kitsch so bad it's vogue. Click the image to view the whole strip.


I never noticed how much the old the man resembled former Philippine President Fidel Ramos till after I finished the strip. Watch also how the bouquet of flowers grow in size as the panels progress.


This one I think dates back to 1994. I know about the Chinese traditions of offering platefuls of food to the ancestors and I guess I was always drooling at the sight of a lauriat sitting right there for no one in particular. It was only recently when I learned that the families partake of the feast after a while.

The Chinese characters in the last panel were written by my friend and classmate Sandy.


Remember when Magic: The Gathering was all the rage? I heard the Black Lotus was the rarest card of all at the time amounting to around 1,800.00 pesos or dollars.


I think this was the first time I established Stan's character as an artist. His problem was also my problem back then.


Madonna's video for Vogue has been enjoying a few week's worth of air time in MTV around this time and that's where I got the idea for this strip. You got to admit the choreography for the video was really something else.


Wilfed is still at it with this one.


I was trying to establish Wilfred's character here as one who cracked jokes that got on everyone's nerves.


It's really a wonder Jason can still get away with stuff like this.


This is good. One of the few strips that really amused me.